Does your business own you?

Have a greater impact with the work you do, overcome control issues of doing it all alone to finally delegate, earn more money, and be the thought leader you were born to be in your business.

It’s time to make more money honey on your terms in your business…

The work you do can be done smarter vs harder…

Are you curious how to accomplish more in 12 weeks than most people accomplish in 5 years?

Do you crave to squash competition and end procrastination with superpower strength?

Want to overcome the fear that cripples you until the early morning when the coffee pot turns on?

It is not your fault your dream day is not on your terms…

…And it is locked right inside of you

…you just don’t see it, yet.

You are in the right place if you:

  • Take accountability and responsibility for your choices.
  • Own your decisions (zero pity parties or victim sob fests).
  • Are always looking to improve your boundaries in a loving and fierce way which honor your self-respect.
  • Crave peace over drama and people pleasing.
  • Understand what it is like to walk in other’s shoes without being a judgy AF critic.
  • Intentional and live life by design.
  • When default creeps back, you course adjust and get back on the wagon regardless if you caved in for a maple bacon donut, eating that pound of Brie and that bottle of Pinot (not judging you) while binge-watching Game of Thrones.
  • Are discerning and decisive without being rigid.
  • Know when to say F*** Yes or F*** No with class and authority.
  • Passions drive you to serve others with meaningful work, your talents, and strengths.
  • Enjoy evolving your confidence.
  • Attempt new things, and are unafraid to fail for your hearts’ mission.

Who am I?

I am Ashley M Jenkins, I began Lifestyle Design Coaching in the Fall of 2010 to supplement my Boutique Yoga Studio.

What was a compliment to being an Exercise Physiologist and Master Yoga Teacher/Trainer, transitioned into helping other entrepreneurs overcome the pitfalls of running a business as solopreneurs. 

For years I held space on the mat, moving clients to their leading edge. Nutella is delicious, but when your relationship de-evolves to hiding it under your bed? I was the expert who was called to motivate women to step it up in terms of self-care and behavior to drop those tricky 22 pounds.

Off the mat, the no-nonsense and fierce leadership of understanding all directions resistance shows up in has helped me to lead other leaders.

It is LONELY AF wearing all the hats. 

Countless women and I have improved their work/life balance to make a bigger impact. Monotonous busy work needs to be delegated and trolling social media ends.

Accountability is the chief component of coaching.

Short of sticking my hand within you to where you question at times if you have a puppet master, joking.

You need someone who will not give in to your sneaky excuses. You need to flip the switch from barely present living Groundhog Day to thriving and real leadership.

Resistance shows up in work to trick you from taking the exact action you need to take, day in and day out to bring home the bacon. Too many people are moving paperwork around on their desk, or sadly, caught up in the process of watching others strive and have successes mount while nothing is happening for themselves.

Worse, the art you set out to create?

The message you are here to share?

Goes unseen and unheard.


Check your excuses.

Existing on the doorstep of lack and barely cutting it month to month is just an excuse.

Activities need to be done in your business. Some you are avoiding. There are people who want to help you build what you are creating. Even if you don’t think you have the resources, or know who these people are that will help you build your empire.

The problem is one part pride and one part distraction. You tell yourself stories about ‘that other business‘ like yours who is opening around the corner is no different than you being like a Starbucks.

Another business is a sign that demand is up and you need to zero in on what makes you unique. Together, we divide and conquer this so you begin making more money within 2-8 weeks by duplicating yourself.


What you want…

Time. Money. Recognition. Sleep. Nourishment. Self-care. A vacation. Zero worries. An actual business instead of this job you’ve created where you work for a cray person (i.e. “yourself”).

Without getting boring, business runs best when your leadership is on point. When you avoid the dirty details in your business, it is the equivalent of numbing out on Xanax instead of acquiring the tools or the talent to handle your business.

Your emerging brand needs the dream team to run a well-oiled machine whilst you skip on a beach with a coffee and rock Tim Ferriss’ latest podcast. It is possible to take a conference call poolside, trust me, pants optional.

What would it feel like to have your offerings sold out and have a waitlist? 

Imagine having sales done for you.


Much of the work I do with clients is customized to specific business objectives. You have someone who “gets you” and understands sometimes… you don’t even know where to begin to hire that person or have a “coming to Jesus” with your accountant.

I am here to help you pull those crusty band-aids off and holistically get to the bottom of what seems like a hot mess. To sift through the fertilizer, and quit sugar coating turds.

Your business needs an over-do upgrade.

What is on the other side of this scary self-invented monster in your mind is abundance, sacred time for yourself, and a way to put your business’ mission into the hearts of your raving fans. Even with a tiny email list.

Coaching is about being coachable.

My background in exercise/fitness/Yoga evolved to studying with some really accomplished people (they have websites, books, brands, are in magazines)… It lead to working with major coaches (they have those things too).

One of the biggest things in the body of work I “do” as someone who creates, writes, speaks, teaches, and holds space has been dropping “STORY.”

How to understand my ego to evolve and grow in this world while maintaining a healthy spiritual path is paramount. This has allowed me to travel all over the world and create a life I truly want to live = by design.

Being alive. 

Checking your ego is always essential and necessary. In the undoing of “ME,” I have seen how to show up more in my own skin to serve.

Your ache around what you really want to say to A DREAM CLIENT, or in creating the next UPPER LIMIT in business gets me excited. I love to help others write permission slips to create and hold their feet to the fire to follow through.

Fiercely innovate and pioneer.

What makes holding space for others rewarding is that most modalities have the same path to success. The same momentum and predictable indicators that a venture will be fruitful are all measurable.

It is a huge slap to the ego when we recognize the path wrought with self-criticism, inner doubt, struggle (the struggle bus is REAL), self-sabotage, resistance, procrastination, hesitation, indecision, and excuses are very similar and face them head on with ample support.

Helping someone to LOVE what “IS” right now is a complete joy. Finding that gratitude allows everything to be a possibility. I have held tender space for clients that reflected LIFE and what was meaningful for them and was definitely pulling at their heart.

Your emotions must be handled with vulnerability and grace in a female-driven business. If not, everything else falls by the wayside.

To accomplish a lot: it is all about where you are focusing, and what you are doing. Your thinking is equally as important, if not more crucial. In other words, if you DO NOT attend to the agents of sabotage, or establish a healthy regimen of self-love and self-care, nothing will get addressed.


One of the coolest things about being a coach? Is that I can take any of the paths I have walked at any moment, and help a client jump exponentially farther in progress. In one hour, a million dollar strategy can be executed, a book outline may be written (for either of us), a new healthy habit inducted, and a radical adventure planned.

I have tools from personal experience, witnessing someone standing in analysis paralysis and calling it like it is to share with you to expedite your success.

The best part?

It is a complete joy to celebrate the work: YOU DO.


To apply to speak, go here.

We will take about 45 minutes to talk about what is in your way from success and thriving.

Zero money exchange happens on this call. 

This is all about you, and discovering what kind of unique offer for your business or project is possible.

What happens after the initial call? 

When we have a fit…
1) My team and I see a possibility to grow your operations.
2) Expand your leadership to leave your job and lead others to duplicate yourself.
3) Or pivot what you are doing into far more profitable conditions?

We will schedule a second call to review an agreed upon offer.

What does this cost?

Excellent question.
It is specific to your needs and the scale of our project(s).

To paint a clearer picture of what the cost could look like? 

Determine how much you want to earn. Then prepare to spend 10-30% of that amount on project work and consulting together.

Take a deep breath.

I am here to help you tap into the gold mine in your brain and backbone.

This is an investment in yourself, not an expense.

Investments pay dividends and give a clear return in a realistic time span.

Expenses are a time suck. You know the feeling – a panic like you’ve just made that impulse buy at Target when you just went in for Colgate.

Investments can feel risky, especially when you are betting on yourself.

Fear is just another form of excitement, an emotion that is without management and flapping around inside of you.

When we speak, we will both understand immediately where you can open yourself up to stop the reactional doing in your business and begin the vital thinking. It is time to work smarter vs harder.

Apply now.