The Work We Do [together]

You are here for clarity.

You are here to work smarter vs harder.

You are here to become more efficient.

You are here to squash competition, end procrastination, and overcome fear.


I specifically help women who are looking to have a greater impact with the work they do.

This work is not for you if…

  • You do not take accountability or responsibility for yourself.
  • You play victim in life’s decisions and outcomes in your life.
  • You struggle to have any boundaries or self respect.
  • You create drama, live to people please, and constantly judge.

This work IS for you when…

  • You live life by design, and are aware when default occurs and course adjust.
  • You are decisive: life is a F*** Yes, or a F*** No.
  • You are passionate about serving others with meaningful work, your talents and strengths.
  • You are evolving your confidence, attempt new things, are not afraid to fail.


Who am I? What do I do?

I am Ashley M Jenkins. I began coaching with Lifestyle Design Coaching in Fall of 2010 to supplement my then Boutique Yoga Studio. What initially was a compliment to being an Exercise Physiologist and Master Yoga Teacher/Trainer, transitioned into helping other entrepreneurs overcome the pitfalls of running a business as solopreneurs. It gets LONELY AF when you are wearing all the hats. In 2014, I transitioned to be remote in my then business to form a new consulting business where I helped countless women have better work/life balance with their business, make the impact they knew they wanted to create, and learn how to experiment and pivot to have more success than they’d ever have imagined.

Accountability is the chief component of coaching. Many individuals may have some facet of accountability, however, what exactly are you accountable for? Resistance shows up in work to beguile you from taking the exact action you need to make day in and day out to bring home the bacon, and go from surviving to thriving. Too many people are moving paperwork around on their desk, or sadly, caught up in the process of watching others strive and have successes mount while nothing is happening for themselves. Worse, the art you set out to create? The message you are here to share? Goes unseen and unheard. Ouch.

Coaching is about being coachable. My background in exercise/fitness/Yoga lead to studying with some really accomplished people (they have websites, books, brands, are in magazines)… It lead to working with major coaches (they have those things too). One of the biggest things in the body of work I “do” as someone who creates, writes, speaks, teaches, and holds space has been dropping “STORY” and learning how to understand my ego to evolve and grow in this world while maintaining a healthy spiritual path. This has allowed me to travel all over the world. It has allowed me to reinvent my career, and to design a life I truly want to live. I live a permavacation, which means work happens when I plan for it, I love TF out of what I do, when I do it, and where I do it = by design.


So How Can I Help You?

Apply for Brand Strategy/Coaching/Consulting

Are you ready to experience RELIEF?

I am passionate about the work that I do with individuals. The amount of resistance a phone call can remove is epic. I believe in providing value upfront.

Each project or custom program is unique for the individual and business. I work with individuals on a DIY and One on One basis. This means that no matter what, after a phone call, a path will be mapped out together, regardless if you work with ME or I refer you to someone else who is a better fit for your needs.

You are incapable of going anywhere until you know first where you are; then and only then can a course be mapped together.

“How Much Does it Cost?”

It will cost you 40-60 minutes of your time to speak with me directly.

No offer will be collected for on the initial phone call.

Your coaching may be a set fee for services and project consultation OR be a percent on net costs of the venture you are creating.

Apply here to speak.

As a Coach, I am gifted with

  • Individualizing the Process unique to YOUR needs/wants/and wildest dreams imagined and realized.
  • Strategizing immediate needs vs having the space with you to craft a bigger vision for your life.
  • Arranging anything within your organization from content, marketing, media, teams, to bending time.
  • Learning is priority. I am a life learner, therefore, teaching comes from personal experience and a network of other teachers.
  • Innovation, pioneering: There are no new ideas in life. There are improved ideas. I am here to hold space for you to do something revolutionary.


What are things I can help you with?

Social Media

  • Design
  • Creation
  • Management
  • Technical Aspects

Increasing or Gate-keeping Audience

  • Lead Generation
  • Setting/maintaining boundaries
  • Human Relations
  • Customer Service Systems
  • Community Culture: creating or improving

Content Management

  • Speaking like your (ideal) customer
  • Creating stories that serve
  • Content scheduling, creation, design
  • Personality/Persuasion/Positioning


  • Periodization (accomplish more in 12 weeks than 12 months)*
  • Essential/Non-essential items daily prioritized
  • Eliminate black holes of day
  • Duplicating yourself/hiring and staffing a quality and qualified team
  • Accountability


  • Core benefits of communication
  • Email marketing systems
  • Scripting vs speaking vs being seen
  • Automation


(Yes, Sales: let’s get you paid)

  • Scripting
  • Profit First: you get paid, then you pay your business
  • Asking the right qualifying questions upfront
  • Automating


Where Do We Do Work [together]

All calls are scheduled. Either Zoom or an Audio line is provided. All work is done remotely.

You can be anywhere where you are capable of focusing and taking some notes.


What is Brand Strategy?

Emotional benefits alone will never be enough to create and sustain a brand. Differentiating yourself is done by value, time, or uniqueness. Doing this based solely on the things which others can imitate does not give you a sustainable brand advantage. What someone “has” “becomes” or “does” with what you exchange [sell] is the specific equation we will evolve together. The rare combination of your features, benefits, advantages, the things you do and you empower your customers to have/be/do, plus the stories you and your customers tell about your brand (and what your brand says about your customers) is crucial. The sum total of all of these things is a BRAND STORY. When crafted well, it is impossible for a competitor to copy. This is how you build a lasting brand.

Let’s be clear: You want to be focused on something much deeper than just cohesive media coverage, user stories, blog posts, tweets, and Facebook posts. The narrative you author and manage daily through marketing, social media, advertising, PR, media and personal interactions is just day-to-day execution. None of it means ANYTHING unless you understand the story of your brand. The number one misconception, is it has little to do with “you” and everything to do with “them” … I’d love to give you further insight into this on our call together. Be sure to book a session.